Uno de los mejores coworking de Barcelona centro

Plaza de Catalunya, 9 (Barcelona)

Your job position at LOOM Plaza Catalunya from 400€/month*.

LOOM Plaza Catalunya is an impressive flexible workspace and coworking space in the heart of Barcelona, specifically in the exclusive location of Plaza de Catalunya. At LOOM, we wanted to keep this essence alive when we designed the space.

LOOM Plaza Catalunya is one of the buildings that line the centrally located Plaza de Catalunya. It is equipped with the very latest technology and it is filled with light, colour, and plants, to improve your wellbeing at all times.

The space is spread over 4 floors, with coworking areas, private offices, fixed desks, hot desks, meeting rooms, spaces for events, communal areas, and spectacular interior and exterior terraces with views over the Plaza de Catalunya.

This building, designed by Catalan architect Puig i Cadafalch is truly unique, since each of its floors is structurally independent, so that each team or company can adapt the layout in line with their needs.

When you work at LOOM, you can enjoy the LOOM Experience, programme, with exclusive services and advantages for LOOMERS, to enhance your well-being, your personal and professional growth, and expand your network. From a sports session, to after work drinks, a concert or a chat with an artist or entrepreneur… working at LOOM is so much more than work.

If you are looking for a different way of working, contact us!

*Excluding VAT Price for guidance purposes only (subject to availability of the space, size of the team, and length of time required, among others).