Christmas event: Guide to make it a success

2022 is coming to an end and you have to prepare a Christmas event. Here you have the guide to make your Christmas events a success.

It is clear that the main objective is to surprise the attendees and say goodbye to the year with a good atmosphere. It’s time to give thanks, to share moments and laugh about past anecdotes and what better way to do it than with a Christmas event that will leave everyone with their mouths open?

Here is a guide to make your Christmas event a success.

  • Dates. Keep in mind that these are complicated dates. We all have commitments and balancing agendas so it is complicated. With that in mind, start planning the event as soon as possible so that there are no problems.
  • Venue. Spaces start to be booked well in advance. In addition, the options may vary depending on your tastes, your budget and what you have in mind for your Christmas event. At LOOM Events we have a wide variety of spaces and we will accompany you throughout the process to build an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Things you should have in mind when choosing it:
  • Capacity
    Technical characteristics
    Easy to set up your christmas event.
    The schedule
    Air conditioning
    Accessibility both by public transportation and parking.
  • Guests. Guests are the most important part of any Christmas event. Depending on who they are, you can plan the event in one way or another. Is it just for your team, for members of the whole organization, for clients or maybe for suppliers?


Thinking, preparing and organizing a Christmas event does not have to be complicated.

  • Prepare the invitations. We recommend you to make a save the date and, as the date approaches, give the details. Important! Ask them to confirm their attendance.
  • Make it different. Forget about those typical company dinners that nobody wants to go to. If you want an unforgettable Christmas event, you will have to do something different. There are endless possibilities: the theme, the decoration, the entertainment, the location…
  • The theme. As in the previous point, you have endless possibilities: ugly sweaters, a specific decade, a musical genre or a movie, costumes, something more corporate… All ideas are welcome!
  • Animation: What are you going to do to show people a good time? Live music, a comedian, a magic show, dancing, a team activity, a flashmob, a gymkhana?
  • Don’t forget the technology. We want to have a good time, but if there is going to be a part of presentations, Christmas speeches, you will have to have screens, microphones, speakers, sound system…

Make your event unforgettable with LOOM Events!

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