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The cosmetic products company, based at LOOM Torre Chamartín, has turned to the "Space as a Service" service to build its 100% tailor-made flexible office. "LOOM allows us to have an innovative and flexible workspace, which we have designed entirely based on our needs" points out Menelaos Lazos, Wella's CEO.


Since 2021 Pepsi has its flexible office in LOOM Eucalipto, located in the north of Madrid. A custom-designed space that allows them to implement the hybrid work model and keep the staff motivated and happy by having spacious and bright workspaces and exclusive services that promote the welfare of employees.


Powernet, a leading company in the telecommunications sector, moved its Madrid headquarters to LOOM Torre Chamartín in 2021, opting for the "space as a service" format. We have designed its offices in a totally customized way, to maximize the satisfaction and well-being of its employees, ensuring the highest levels of energy efficiency and productivity.


The rapid growth of the company has made them turn to Space as a Service to design their custom offices in Castellana 93. "With LOOM we have found the solution to our rapid growth, totally flexible, well located, with wonderful natural light and the meeting rooms we need" says Yolanda Domínguez, Country Manager of DR SMILE Spain.


Yelmo has its headquarters in LOOM Ática, a flexible space located in the best enclave of Pozuelo de Alarcón, since 2021. Its office stands out for its natural light and for being surrounded by nature. They also have meeting rooms, rest areas and spaces for events.


Busuu, , is another case of LOOM as a service. They had their flexible office in LOOM Salamanca, and after a huge growth, the startup asked us to jointly design their workspace. Now their office is located in Castellana 93 and has all the amenities from meeting rooms, phone booths, office or common areas in which to relax or have informal meetings.


JLL, the leading company in real estate services has its headquarters in LOOM Glòries, specifically on the 26th floor. Together we have created the office of their dreams: reception, fixed positions, offices, office, meeting rooms... A custom-designed space that meets the needs of more than 60 employees.


EIT Urban Mobility, an organization dependent on the European Union, has chosen to design a new office based on its needs on the new floor of the iconic tower located in the heart of 22@. "We have worked with their team of professional experts in new ways of organizing the workspace and the result has been optimal," says EIT Urban Mobility.

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