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Our company has booked a space in the co-working space and I am THRILLED. It is a spectacular place to work, the facilities are amazing and very well kept. You feel at home, with sofas, kitchen, kitchenware :O I would like to make a special mention to Natalia, the girl who welcomed us and is looking after us at all times. It is a luxury to know that when you have a question there will be someone so willing to help you :)


Quality facilities, modern, comfortable and very well maintained. But the best thing is the hosts of Loom who have made these months a unique experience! Gaby, Paula, Olga, Ricardo and especially Gema =) who with their good vibes and dedication have made me feel at home. A special coworking thanks to them.


Fantastic experience. The work experience is the complete opposite of conventional; coming to work is a pleasure in these conditions (comfort, brightness, openness of the workstations, rest rooms...). The "Host" service is wonderful. The staff is 100% available for any request. It has been a temporary solution to move here and, hopefully, we will never have to leave.


Loom has been THE BEST PLACE I'VE EVER WORKED IN MY LIFE. The spaces are wonderful, there are booths for important meetings and common areas that are special. The best of all is the attention that Angela gives us as a host, she makes dynamic breakfasts that you remember with excitement to get to work with a smile on your face. YOU CAN BRING YOUR DOG (my 4-legged baby has come a lot of times).


The experience at LOOM is exceptional. Common areas of 10, interesting activities and a perfect place to create synergies with other workers. The host's treatment is wonderful, they make you feel at home! Working here is a pleasure!


The best coworking in Madrid. You work very comfortable, you grow with what the other coworkers give you and the team of hosts you would want to take them home because of how great they are. Thanks for everything Gema, Paula and Ricardo!


Inspiration to work, innovate and share ideas. A driving force to generate successful projects in the digital and knowledge economy.

Miguel Ángel

I was surprised. Useful, dynamic and very modern. Magnificent meeting rooms. Large terraces to relax. Coffee and cookies at open bar. Everything amazing.


A pleasure to work in a space like this. Not only for the facilities but for the people of LOOM, a marvel. 100% recommendable.

Juan José

Super dynamic and welcoming atmosphere. Angela always welcomes us with a smile, trying to solve any questions and make us feel at home.


It is my first experience in a coworking space, and the truth is that it will be difficult to beat. The human quality of Loom employees, is what makes this space so pleasant in our day to day, Irene, Gaby Lucia and Mamen, are exemplary workers, and this is explained by their way of solving any need. It is worth mentioning the enthusiasm with which Loom, prepares activities for its clients, being also frequent, thus filling our weeks with positive news. In short, it is a pleasure to be Loomer!


A lot of talent together in an unconventional environment.

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