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Romero meeting room

Ubicación LOOM Calle Eucalipto, 33 - 4ª planta 28016 - Madrid

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There are more formal meetings where you need to impress your client or investor.

If you want them to make a good impression and leave them open-mouthed, this is the room for you.

An innovative space housed in the LOOM Eucalyptus coworking space, very close to Avenida de la Paz. Ideal for teams of up to 10 people.

LOOM Eucalyptus is a 3,504 m2 space located in the north of Madrid, specifically in the Avenida de la Paz neighbourhood. This space has several meeting rooms adapted to your needs.

Its architecture and design make it the ideal space for corporate projects and business meetings. It also has a large restaurant that is committed to healthy eating and a spectacular terrace surrounded by nature.

Be inspired by this bright and spacious workspace in a building equipped with the latest technology. Find the flexible space solution for your meetings and events.

LOOM Eucalyptus is just ten minutes from the financial centre of Madrid, so you can enjoy areas such as the Santiago Bernabéu, the Castellana or Nuevos Ministerios at the end of your working day.

You will be able to hold your meetings surrounded by nature, peace and quiet.

Building owned by MERLIN Properties.

This room can be rented until 9 p.m. on working days by teams that have an office or permanent post at LOOM Eucalipto.

* Booking hours from 9 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday (except holidays). Consult special rates outside these hours.

*If you wish to hire the coffee service, please indicate it in the notes or let the host know in the space. Cost of the service, 5€/person (plus VAT).

*If you wish to hire the food service, please contact the Events Department. The consumption of food from outside is not allowed.

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Romero meeting room


Calle Eucalipto, 33 - 4ª planta 28016 - Madrid

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