5 innovative ways to network in a coworking space

In the coworking world, the key to success lies not only in the shared workspace, but also in the valuable connections that are forged between clients. Going beyond traditional networking events can make all the difference in your coworking experience. Here are 5 innovative ways for you to expand your networking in our spaces.

1. Connections through corks:

Create opportunities to share ideas or simply likes and dislikes. In all our spaces you can find corks where LOOMERS have a section exclusively for them. There, the community leaves brief messages to other colleagues or information about their work so that the rest of the members know about their services. Thanks to this space dedicated to them, a collaborative learning environment is created that strengthens the connections between professionals. In LOOM Huertas it is very common!

2. Attend monthly themed breakfasts

Every month, in all LOOM spaces, we organize a variety of fun and thematic breakfasts. It is a perfect opportunity to engage in conversation with those people or companies that have previously aroused your interest; from sharing experiences about entrepreneurship to discussing specific challenges in different sectors.

3. Move around our spaces

If you have the chance, visit our different spaces in the two cities of Madrid and Barcelona. Meeting more people in a work environment will open your doors and allow you to connect with other members on a professional and personal level. Can you imagine spending a day at LOOM Salamanca and the following week going to LOOM Tapices? It’s possible 😉

4. Attend our activities and talks

We invite you to all LOOM activities! Meetings such as anniversaries, which serve to share projects, achievements or even challenges between people and is an innovative way of networking. In addition, you can attend talks with very interesting speakers that not only highlight the diversity of companies in the coworking space, but also serve as a starting point for deeper discussions during future meetings.

5. Have some wine in our space

Have you ever thought about having a few wines with your colleagues in your coworking space? At LOOM you can 😀 Going to a wine tasting is an innovative way to share moments with your coworkers and enjoy enriching connections over a glass of wine.

A coworking space is not only about sharing a physical space, but also about creating connections between professionals. Adopting some of these creative strategies can take your networking experience beyond traditional events, allowing you to build meaningful relationships with other clients in the space and take full advantage of the business diversity that surrounds you. Make every day at LOOM an opportunity to expand your network and enrich your career path!

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