Gen Z arrives in the workplace: The keys to its incorporation

Gen Z, those born between 1994 and 2010, is arriving to the working world. What are the keys to their incorporation? Are companies ready to welcome them? We tell you in this post.

Although there is no consensus on the years that make up this generation and there may be differences year up, year down, the reality is that the young people who form it are at the gates of the working world.

They are digital natives, they are completely accustomed to immediacy, to total access to information and they handle the language of social networks like no one else, playing as they please with content and platforms. They see, understand and interact with the world through the Internet and social networks. They are creative, committed to social causes and are used to seeking information, self-education and proactive skills.

Las redes sociales en la generación Z

What is Gen Z looking for in the world of work?

If there is one thing that differentiates Gen Z from their predecessors, it is that they don’t just come to work, they want a professional experience that connects with their way of seeing the world. They want to acquire knowledge and experiences that allow them to face new challenges. They want novelty, challenges and to be able to develop in the same way that other generations sought stability and security.

A good working environment, work-life balance and corporate culture are important aspects for Generation Z, hence their preference for the hybrid work model.

A generation that is not afraid of change, that does not aspire to have the same job forever. They are looking for flexibility, authenticity, corporate social responsibility and well-being at work.

What are companies looking for?

Companies are looking for versatile, multitasking profiles, with a great capacity for learning and adaptation. Are companies ready to welcome Gen Z?

As digital natives, Generation Z is looking for digitalization as an indispensable condition, and that also includes the job search. Attracting and retaining Gen Z means updating and redesigning selection processes.

Keys to attract Generation Z

  • Focus on an environment in which it is easy to collaborate between people, teams and departments. In this sense, flexible spaces play a very important role.
  • Create a real career plan. They want to grow, improve their skills and have goals inside and outside the company. Unlimited learning platforms offer unlimited training for all of them.
  • Take care of employees’ well-being: with benefits that put an end to sedentary lifestyles and boost productivity.

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